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Coach Ben Ballinger

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Coach Ben Ballinger is the head coach and owner of Training Ground OC. As a multi-sport athlete (including football, wrestling, muay thai, jiu jitsu and track & field) as well as a life-long strength athlete, he has a well-developed understanding of what it takes to create a strength and conditioning program that works, and has used this expertise to develop some of the most effective, result-driven programs in Orange County and online. He has always had an intense interest in sports nutrition as well, and has been studying effective nutrition techniques and nutrition-based research for well over a decade now. As nutrition is a foundational part of any effective program, Coach Ballinger puts a huge emphasis on the nutritional coaching portion of his programs.

Coach Ballinger is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is a Certified Level 1 Coach with Precision Nutrition, and has obtained a Sports Nutrition Specialist certification from the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association as well as having completed countless courses, workshops and seminars in various areas of health and wellness.

Coach Ballinger’s specialties include male hardgainers looking to pack on muscle mass and develop strength and female natural fitness athletes who are looking to dominate in figure-level natural competitions, whether they’re first-timers or more established competitors.

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Coach Kasia Harmata

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Coach Kasia Harmata is head instructor of CORE Condition Fitness Camp and an assistant coach for other Training Ground OC programs. Involved in competitive tennis most her life, she has a natural understanding of the level of commitment and perseverance necessary to obtain one’s fitness goals. Her desire to help others achieve their goals and restore confidence in the process is rooted to the way she relates to our individual athletes, as well as her ability to tailor her training style to their specific needs.

Coach Harmata is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has she is currently completing her certification as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach as well. She is also an actively-competing bikini fitness model and runs the Team TGX competition team.

Coach Harmata’s specialties include ex-athletes looking to lose fat and regain their youthful bodies, sport-specific training for tennis athletes and competition preparation for bikini fitness athletes.

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Coach Michelle Czerniak

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Coach Michelle Czerniak is an original Training Ground OC athlete-turned-coach. Her main goal is to lead a balanced, fit, healthy lifestyle while giving her athletes the tools to do the same. Fitness has always been her focus, so it was only natural for coaching to become a career path.

Coach Czerniak exudes the culture we have at Training Ground OC, mainly because she has grown as both an athlete and a coach directly within our walls. As a coach, her main focus is on the importance of teaching each and every athlete habits that they can easily implement to ensure life-long success—one that can actually be followed. Her favorite people to work with are those truly committed to their program, be it fat loss, muscle gain or strength. Their obvious boost in self-esteem and positive outlook upon reaching their goals makes coaching extremely rewarding for her.

Coach Czerniak’s specialities include general fat loss and sport-specific training for high school and collegiate-level athletes—particularly those involved in the sports of water polo, soccer and competitive swimming.

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